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Heat Socks Only XLP – Camo

Heat Socks Only XLP – Camo

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Heat Socks Only XLP – Camo

  • Consists of 1 pair of BootDoc’s Power Fit Socks integrated with Hotronic’s Heating Elements.
  • Materials: 45% nylon, 25% elasthan, 30% polyester.
  • Ideal moisture transportation.
  • PFI 30 – Gentle, compression rating of 5 - 10 mmHg.
  • Sizes: S, M, L, and XL

The Power Fit Index (PFI) indicates the overall level of gradual pressure distribution woven into each pair of BootDoc's Power Fit Socks. PFI 30 designates a gentle pressure distribution while PFI 90 classifies as strong and is therefore only found in BootDoc's performance series.


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