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Testimonials on the NEW Foot Warmer Power Plus

"The Foot Warmers did their job again last season on Everest ... I reached the summit for the 3rd time! I'm sold on your product!"
Bill Crouse, Everest Summit, May 24, 2004

"I'm a full-time freelance photojournalist and...write about the great outdoors. I love my job. However, I have Raynaud's Disease which means poor circulation. I ordered your 2.5 system, and I must say they are the best heat system I have ever used. Prior to receiving the system I got chilblains, a cold weather injury, but I haven't gotten it since."
Donna Ikenberry, South Fork, CO, December 9, 2004

"My husband had the boot heaters installed yesterday and skied today at Cramore in N. Conway, NH, where we live and at -5 degrees, his 70+ year old toes were warm! He's pretty happy. Thanks!"
Elaine Doyle, January 15, 2004

"They work fantastically! Set on 2 in the morning and sometimes on 3 in the afternoon. All day on one charge! And still some juice left at the end of the day!"
Eric Baringer

"You guys are lifesavers! They're awesome! Last so much longer! Recharger LED is great! Setting used most often is 2, sometimes 3!"
Lisa Beach

"Blinking light (on recharger) is great! Duration on a single charge is less affected by cold than before! Larger element is good for increased (heating) area AND duration! I can use a lower setting than previously! Rarely over 2 even on the coldest days for all day heat! Settings 3 or 4 strictly for remedial use!"
Mike Gootz Getzinger

Testimonials on general use of the Foot Warmer

“For the second year in a row, Hotronics helped me very much on Mt. Everest!! I am the first American woman to climb both sides (North/Tibet, South/Nepal) of Everest. On both of my summit days, while climbing in the early morning dark hours, my males teammates spent time kicking and stamping their feet to try to warm them. My feet, on the other hand, were toasty, leaving me to focus and concentrate on climbing. Thank you!!!”
Ellen Miller, Everest 2002

“I would never be participating in this event without my Hotronic Foot Warmers. They are the only reason I could finish the entire race.”
Arno Hoenicke, Team Switzerland Men, 24 Hours of Aspen 2001

“ The Foot Warmers kept our feet nice and warm!”
Anik Demers, Team Canada Women, 24 Hours of Aspen 2001

“They work! We went night skiing (no sun radian heat), and the temp was –2 degrees F. Her feet didn’t get cold! It was like a miracle! They are usually freezing on a 40 degree day in the sunshine. And that was on setting 2!”
Ken Gibbons

“I was about to give up on skiing, hunting and all other winter activities because my feet would get so cold and numb I would have to cut my activities short. I tried everything from new boots, socks and even to custom fitting which was getting very expensive, not counting the money just to go out for maybe two hours and call it quits. A friend told me about your product which I thought sounded too good to be true, so I figured why not, I already spent money on everything else. I am amazed at the results. I now can ski for the whole day rather than 3 hours and get my $50 a lift ticket worth of skiing in. I can go on long trips on my snowmobile and hunt until dusk. Most of all I can spend the day with my family on the slopes and show them the fun of winter activities. Your product has saved my winter fun which I enjoy most!”
Lonnie Newman

"I live in New England and after 14 years of not being able to continue road cycling in the winter, it’s nice to be able to train under any conditions with the Hotronic Foot Warmers!”
Frank Poulin

"During our last 2 days at basecamp a wicked storm rolled in. The winds howled through camp at 70 MPH, demolishing our cook tent. The temperatures dropped to 0 degrees but our toes were roasty toasty in our Hotronics as we went about the daily chores of gathering snow for dinners and water, digging our snow walls bigger and trying to save our cook tent. Thanks for a great product."
Michael and Christine Coyne -- Expedition Leaders Expedition Outreach Mt. Hope of the Wrangell - St. Elias Range in Alaska

"Last year while visiting Vail, Co., I purchased the Hotronic heating system and had it installed in my walking boots. It was the best investment I have ever made for warm feet!"
Cynthia Konrad M.D.

"I rely on your products to keep me outdoors under any conditions, and have been a strong advocate for your system as I have been able to use Hotronic foot heaters for alpine skiing, telemark skiing, road biking, MTB riding, and back country skiing. I am also an insulin dependent diabetic somewhat restricted circulation, but by careful use of your system have been able to be in sub-zero conditions."
Richard E. Gibbs, PhD, PE

"As a telemark skier I have constant movement with my feet which becomes increasingly less comfortable as my feet become cold. Using Hotronics has helped greatly in aiding my comfort and ability to perform."
Kasha Rigby

"When I am standing at the top of a (ski racing) course on an icy Quebec January day, with the wind howling at the thin Spandex with which I am vainly struggling to keep warm, I will be sure to think of the staff at Hotronic for ensuring that my feet, at least, are not cold."
Duncan Wilcock

"I am writing to tell you how much I love the bootheaters you make. I got them for Christmas, and I have used them every time I went skiing since I got them. They keep my feet warm when I go skiing and when it is cold out."
Kristen Naso

"Our family is one of frequent skiing adventures, and we count on our Hotronics for comfort."
C. B. Gush

"I used the Foot Warmer today at 8. It's the first time my feet have stayed warm all day. Everyone else was complaining."
Nell Balderrama Slocume

"I'd like to thank you for giving me the opportunity to have such warm feet this season! That really made a difference."
Kate Davenport

"Thank you for helping Steve Tilford and myself out. I think we'll have a much better winter training program (bicycling) now that we have warm feet."
Michael Engleman

"I work as a full time paid Ski Patrolman in Stowe, VT, and purchased a pair of your Foot Warmers... I've never had warm feet in my life, but I do now. They are great!"
Normand E. Girouard

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