Hotronic - Keeping Feet Warm, Keeping Hands and Feet Dry!
Hotronic Keeps Feet Warm


When colder outside temperatures are detected, the nervous system restricts blood flow to the extremities to maintain the body's core temperatures. The toes (and other extremities) quickly become uncomfortably cold.

Other factors aggravate the situation such as impossibly cold and poorly fitting footwear, physical activity levels, individual physiology, and improper selection, use, and care of socks. Also, the presence of moisture (damp socks, wet footwear) increases thermal transfer significantly. This causes heat to escape more rapidly and cold to penetrate faster.


By providing a base level temperature at the toes, Hotronic's Heating Element blocks and neutralizes the penetrating cold keeping the blood circulation open and maintaining comfort and warmth in the feet.

The Hotronic FootWarmer Power Plus offers three base level settings for comfort and warmth maintenance. A fourth setting offers a quick, extra blast of heat when needed.

Simply slip the heated insoles into your footwear and plug them into the rechargeable Battery Packs. Then fine tune the temperature setting to 1, 2, or 3 for comfort and warmth maintenance.