Welcome to Hotronic

Welcome to Hotronic’s website. Whether you are looking to maintain comfort and warmth in your feet or keep your boots, shoes, gloves, and mittens dry, Hotronic has the solution to meet your needs.

FootWarmers Power Plus

Hotronic's FootWarmers Power Plus e4 and e3 are all new! With thin profile, high capacity Battery Packs, the e4 and e3 are Hotronic's most powerful yet compact designs to date! Maintain comfort and warmth in your feet! [more...]

SnapDry Boot & Glove Dryer

Hotronic’s newest Snapdry Boot & Glove Dryer quietly dries hand and footwear with gentle air and heat! Convenient, quick, perfect for travel! Keep your hand and footwear dry! Maintain a clean, comfortable, healthy environment for your hands and feet! [more...]